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Edip Ozkan

Foremost the parent company of Mediq Europe™ and Mediq Africa™ , Hanover Packard Group™  B.V, has always had an open-minded attitude towards new and ground-breaking technologies. Whether by our own invention or early investment in new technologies we have helped pioneer such as: 

  • Coal Enrichment /Clean Coal Technologies.
  • Nano Liquid Diamond coating technology; Taiwan Project.
  • Current Research Project: across the entire Agriculture industry from livestock to all plant-based Agri commodities using patented organic based active minerals.
  • FRESHKIT: The FKIT Shelf life extension solutions is based on innovative technology that absorbs the harmful ethylene gas, unrequired moisture, and causing volatile bacterial inhibition (VBI) hence slowing the ripening and rotting process and increasing the shelf life of the  packed and stored produce. The masterbatch can be used to produce plastic bags  and containers with special properties of shelf life enhancement of fresh fruits and vegetables from 40% to 400%.
  • Medical based technologies:

MEDIQ EUROPE and AFRICA™ has partnered with SNP Biotechnology company. “Snp Biotechno produces many reagents needed in PCR and Real-Time PCR systems”.

We are very proud to introduce SNP Biotechno high sensitive Covid-19 real-time PCR kit. The test detects the Covid-19 virus as 100% sensitive and 100% specific with a test result in 80 minutes. The sensitivity of the kit (Limit of Detection = LOD) is 1-10 copies/reactions.

Besides SNP Technology company, we are also working very closely with other virologists and biotechnology scientists that have developed a state-of-the-art COVID-19 RAPID URINE FOAMING TEST which signals five (5) different levels of exposure to the virus.

The rapid urine foaming test is an antibody rapid urine  testing procedure that identifies symptoms corresponding to COVID-19 and determines with precision results of negative, positive, positive but in recovery, and of immune with no symptoms.

Our primary objective is to positively impact humantiy and environment .We are always looking at nish ideas, technologies and products that can benefit the world.

Thank you for reading this short introduction.

Yours truly,
Edip Ozkan
The Chairman